Colored by Andreas Paehge

Andreas Paehge is an architecture photographer who lives and works in the Ruhr region in western Germany for many years. He has been actively shooting since 2012 when he bought his first digital camera. It did not take long for Andreas to discover his passion for architecture photography. This passion took him to a lot of places in Germany and other countries to visit buildings and metro stations, the source for his fine art pictures.

Photographing is a never ending story which takes you to such great places around the world where you can catch the time with one click.

I was always fascinated by a lot of Metro stations during my business and personal journeys, their design, colors and the dynamic of the trains which are able to handle thousands of people every day.

Therefore I decided to create a series combining the architectural beauty of metro stations with the dynamic of passing trains. It’s called Colored and will be continued.

All photos by Andreas Paehge