Pequeña by Leila Amat Ortega

Leila Amat Ortega is a photographer of ideas and concepts from Madrid.

I realized, during my career, the almost therapeutic effect of photography on me. I try to imagine certain negative emotions as a drive to visualize them and create an image. Since I started taking photographs I wanted every image to be a universe, a parallel world where a character that doesn’t exist in the real world should live. With time, I realize that sometimes a photograph can be more real than my life. I appear in most of my photographs, but these are not self portraits, as in every photograph I put myself in my characters’ shoes in order to convey a different story. Each photograph is a language that lets us to live and analyze, a tool that, with a little bit of imagination, can make us dream. My husband’s parents live in Ávila, a Castilian province in Spain and I normally work there. My family live in Seville and I also take many pictures there.

All photos by Leila Amat Ortega