Woodland by Justine Tjallinks

Justine Tjallinks is an Amsterdam-based Dutch Photographer and Art-Director. After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute cum laude, she moved on to work as the Art-Director for one of the leading fashion titles in L’Officiel Magazine. After a few years, whilst being responsible for the aesthetics of the magazine, she realized that she wanted to make stories come to life through photography.

Loneliness and isolation are conditions that a human being has difficulty of coping with. It is even proven that it can seriously shorten your life expectancy. We all want to be part of something, to belong. The Wolf is one of the strongest advocates for belonging. They roam the Woods in packs where they live, feed and travel as a family. Very rarely will you encounter a lone wolf, but even they are only alone until they found the perfect mate. Woodland is the visual metaphor for how we move through this vast world alone, finding and losing loved ones as we go. The series explores different stages from being alone and lost, to forming that bond with somebody.

All photos by Justine Tjallinks