This Pink Cat by Jelena Osmolovska

Jelena Osmolovska's newest project This Pink Cat has been finished in a kind of synchronicity; when Jelena's feelings begin to overwhelm her, she directs those emotions into her photography.

This Pink Cat series is about those moments in life when we put on a mask, but the cost of that mask is to turn our souls inside out. In my life I am often faced with the duplicity of humanity. I see people pretending to achieve something very important, financially important, creating an image for themselves they thought would impress those around them. But their inner world, under the weight of that pretense, creates suffering and turns them inside out in ways they can't anticipate. We often put on masks and, over time, forget take off them. I wanted to show this situation in photographs and to show how it looks from the other side. Photography felt like my only opportunity to convey this particular meaning without words. In this series the model is my sister. She is the one person who understands me with half a look, who knows about my life`s experiences. This closeness has helped us to accurately convey the ideas behind of “ This pink cat” photo shoot.

I hope this series gives people an opportunity to reflect on their priorities, to consider what is genuinely important in life. After all, it is only our souls at stake.

All photos by Jelena Osmolovska