You Are My Twin by Kristina Varaksina

Kristina Varaksina is a Russian photographer based in New York and San Francisco. Her artwork is represented by galleries in San Francisco, Nashville, and Berlin. Kristina's focus is portrait, fashion, beauty, advertising, and Fine Art photography with an emphasis on story telling and shot design. Female and children related subjects are the biggest part of Varaksina’s personal work. In her photography Kristina explores human emotions and behavior. Her work speaks through metaphors and translates a mood through carefully chosen color palettes and the play of light.

You Are My Twin is a personal art project. It's a little psychological study of twins' relationships shown with the help of metaphors. I’ve always been curious about how it feels to have a twin. Often the way people view twins is as if they are the same whereas there are twins who choose completely different path in life. Yet they always feel strongly connected to each other. I wanted to show the emotions the twins may have with the use props and what kind of sets can tell a story of twins' relationships. So I sketched out my ideas and brought them to a set designer.

All photos by Kristina Varaksina