Fairytale by Elinleticia Högabo

We are so pleased to feature another great work by talented Elinleticia Högabo. The words for the fairytale are written by Elinleticia's husband, Freddi Högabo.

Once up on a time

by a tarn in a wood

two sisters in their prime

thought the tarn was so good

It showed their reflections

Oh, pretty was the sight

It aroused their affections

Oh, beautiful delight.

They sat thru the spring

by this woodland lake

like as tied to a string

and unable to brake.

All thru the summer.

And all thru the fall.

They sat like in slummer

bewitched of it all.

"The winter is here dear",

the younger sister said

when ice crust appeared there,

and snow enshroud her head.

The other sisters eyes

they couldn't look away.

Reflections in the ice,

made all the rest so grey.

"Oh, sister it's cold now",

the younger sister cried.

"Oh, sister lets hold now"

The younger sister tried.

To save her life from cold,

the younger sister went.

She could no longer scold,

the sister that was pent.

She froze by the tarn there,

all rapt by here bloom.

But just like a pale flare

she shrunked to her tomb.

The following spring

the sister returned

Didn't find anything

but she wasn't concerned.

Cos -

By the tarn - by her feet

grew a rose - oh, so sweet.

It leaned right over the pond

Like it could see - and it was fond.


Dresses by Veronica Sarah Neuhard
icecrown/styling/makeup BYELY
Högabo Photography
Models Therese Ellehaven, Anna Thomasdotter and Emma-Josefin Wickell’