Painting within a Painting by Edith Hoffman

Edith Hoffman is an autonomous/conceptual photographer and artist from The Netherlands. Currently she lives in the Netherlands, but Edith has lived in various countries across the globe. These travels and assignments in foreign countries have affected her deeply. Edith's biggest passion is photography, it’s a way of living and a kind of meditation for her. She also loves adventure, traveling, challenges, dancing, people, art, design, reiki and yoga.

This project ‘Painting within a Painting’ combines photography and painting, the two passions in my life. The model is the center in this project.

The colors I use in this project are the favorite colors of the model. These are used in the background and on the model. I encourage the models during the photo shoot to move and pose in a natural way and maintain a vulnerable expression. The combination of selected fabrics, lights, poses and “breaking” paint on the skin creates a surrealistic image.

This project evolved from a very intimate relationship between the model and myself. It allows the viewer to observe and discover the wonders of thought in an imaginary world.

All photos by Edith Hoffman