Drifting by Olivier Valsecchi

French photographer Olivier Valsecchi’s latest series 'Drifting' is a journey through art history where each picture merges the tradition of the reclining nude with the still life painting genre from Flanders. Faithfully devoted to his chiaroscuro approach of light, straightforward sense of composition and muted color schemes, Valsecchi replaces baroque floral arrangements and the overlapping motif of Memento Mori by pale bodies in order to create what he calls a “Flesh Vanitas”. His taste for eerie atmospheres draws the viewer into paradoxical tableaux where flowing movement and silent stillness mysteriously interact.

Drifting is an invitation to meditate at a mystical onirism, a haunting and cryptic gateway between near-death-like experience and the very next minute.

All photos by Olivier Valsecchi