For All Sarah's by Dagmar van Weeghel

Earlier in January, we already introduced you to the first part of the series "For Sarah" by Dutch photographer Dagmar van Weeghel. "For All Sarah's" is a continuation of this amazing photo story from Africa.

For the second part of the series 'For All Sarah's, I went back to Africa and photographed portraits of the real ‘Sarah’s' of this era in an Orphanage Home. These girls have traumatic pasts and stories, and little chance of being adopted still at the ages of 8 and up but they are full of potential, dreams and intelligence. They each possess a striking beauty, strength and intelligence, but have been forgotten in a orphanage. By sharing their story, their dreams & aspirations, I hope someone will notice them. Just like Forbes did, just like Queen Victoria did. Each portrait comes with a narrative about the girl’s age, aspirations, dreams and strength ending with the sad realization that they have not and probably will not ever be adopted.