Landscape Photography by Lior Yaakobi

Lior Yaakobi is a passionate self-taught photographer from Israel. He used to live in Boulder, Colorado, for several years and recently moved back to Israel. Lior travels a lot and always combines his travel hobbies (treks and mountain climbing) with his photography passion.

Photography for me is not a choice. It's a must. It took me several years to realize that.

Although I was always fascinating by photography. I only started to take pictures several years ago. Landscape is probably my biggest passion in terms of photography.  I'm always amazed by the effort one makes in order to do landscape photography. I realized that when I did my first "real" photography trip, just 2 years ago, to Lofoten Islands.

I realized how a simple photo always starts with a dream. First comes the passion to go out and explore. You sit at the computer and start to learn about that new dream of yours-the new destination. You learn about the weather, the sunsets and sunrises times, what time of year is the best time for photography. You try to realize where exactly you want to go, to cover as many places possible at that destination of yours. You need to arrange the trip, flights, book a rental car...airports...planes, trains. Finally, you're getting to your destination and you wake up at 4am so you can be on time for the sunrise. You're standing in -10 celsius, freezing to death and waiting...for what? For the small chance only you will have that great sunrise and only you will be able to capture that picture you've been dreaming about .

I keep asking myself - is it worth it?

All photos by Lior Yaakobi