365 Parisiens by Constantin Mashinskiy

Constantin Mashinskiy is a Russian-born art director and photographer living in Paris. Born in Kazakhstan. Raised in Spain, Constantin graduated from EPSAA Paris with a degree in Visual Communications.

When you take a walk in Paris, most of the time you’re surrounded by people. Some of them have appearances that look familiar, but they’re strangers. You never know where are they going, where they work, what they think, you’re never sure even about what they are doing in that moment.

To discover the city I was asking a random Parisian stranger for a street portrait each day of the year, till reaching the 365 pictures.

The "365 Parisiens" series have been already featured in Le Figaro, L'Express, O Globo, Radio France, Gazeta Poland, City Magazine, Metronews and many other medias.

All photos by Constantin Mashinskiy