Hommage of Spring and Death by Loreen Hinz

Loreen Hinz is an artist in international Fashion & Beauty Photography. Loreen likes the different sides of photography. Formerly, she used to paint and draw a lot and, in her view, there are many similarities between photography and painting.

I shot the portraits during a one-year trip through Europe in 2012/13. During this time, whenever I saw the beauty and rawness of lonesome landscapes - wild cliffs, endless seas, towering mountains, untouched sand dunes - I began to think about life and it´s ending and I wanted to create something combining youth with symbols of approaching death. I collected natural materials I found around me and in every single picture you find fresh colorful blossoms and some piece of decay, a leg of a dead crab, dead thistle, dried seaweed. I try to capture the transience of everything earthly, a tribute to the Renaissance theme of Vanitas.

All photos by Loreen Hinz