Image of Perfection by Corwin von Kuhwede

Corwin von Kuhwede is German photographer, a visual storyteller with an eye for the essential. 

I have been attracted to photography from a very young age. I shot my first photo when I was 3 years old. As a teenager, I had an analogue compact camera and with this I photographed everything and everyone and layered the photos. Then for a long time nothing happened. In 2005, I discovered photography again and gradually began to think before pressing the shutter. Escalating from experimentation to enthusiasm, and from enthusiasm to a hobby, a series of many small successes lead me into full self-employment in less than two years. My work has been featured in exhibitions in Germany and abroad and published in numerous prestigious journals, magazines and books. Today I live and work as a photographer in Leipzig, Germany.

My work revolves primarily around people. I am fascinated by portraits, characteristics and sensually alluring acts. And in between there’s the surreal photo staging, the preparation of which usually takes up a lot of effort, as is the photographic process itself. I like people in all their diversity and this is evident in my work. In the end it is all about living my dreams, realizing my ideas and leave the world with a bit of myself, meanings that can be significant to others even when I am gone.

We live in a world of ideal images . We are taught, as we have to be, how we should look and what we have to do. There are many conflicting ideals that contradict each other. Rich or poor, fat or thin, Christian or Muslim. Hard to find your way in such a world, hard to find yourself.

Through my photography I addressed the physical differences of people and showed two extremes. His models are presented in a casual and humorous manner. One can become fascinated by two extremes and studied centers. But there will never be a center.

All photos by Corwin von Kuhwede