Mysterious Energy by Lola Lonli

Lola Lonli is a visual artist working in style of Russian Cosmism. The essence of this style is philosophical interconnection of all terrestrial and human with Cosmic energy and Universal mind. Lola works with unique material developed from ancient Russian iconography recipes - tempera paints with essential oils and fluorescent pigments.

From early childhood I felt that all things and nature have an inner content. I watched and tried to understand, what is it like? Feeling that everything around me is alive and filled with mysterious energy, I was aware that this energy is distributed everywhere. And I knew how this energy looks, I saw it in dreams and even with just my eyes closed. So I tried to express it in my drawings.

I learned to draw on my own, watching nature and getting inspired by the paintings of beloved artists. I drew with ink and watercolor and made couple of paintings with oil. Then for the first time I tried to the express energy part of the world in drawing and painting by means of patterns. Then I was taught to paint with egg tempera. Later I improved the old recipe of paint to make the colors more persistent and vivid. I have added essential oils and fluorescent pigments. Now, I am painting with this material as it lets me express my feelings in a more precise way.

I take subjects for my paintings from ancient legends, real life and my dreams. I firmly believe that only in the ancient cultures can you find grains of true knowledge and missing links. All eternal and unchanging values are reflected in mythology and folklore.

Music has always been of great importance for me; it seems that I have not worked out a single painting without listening to music. It helps me to achieve a creative meditation; so I choose the music according to subject and energetic content of the particular painting. Sometime it is possible to achieve such deep concentration that, without really noticing the work itself, I just feel how the energy contained in environment around me is transferred to canvas through myself.

Despite permanent changes in external life, I am always being inspired by the same things - love of nature, the world and people, respect to our heritages, the spiritual achievements of the multinational human community. Nationalism of any form, as any discrimination per skin color, age, gender or caste always deeply offends me.