People in the Street by Chulsu Kim

Of Korean origin, Chulsu Kim was born in 1981 in Yamaguchi, Japan and after studying at Tokyo Fashion College he settled in the Japanese capital. He came to photography via an iPhone bought in 2010.

Armed with an iPhone and a discreet Ricoh GR, I stalk through Tokyo in search of chance encounters. Photographing people in the street, instinctively and on the fly, is a full-time challenge. As the series advances each person you’ve photographed links to the sensibility of the others. We’re all involved in the same comedy. But there’s a moment when you become your own best actor: amusement, anger, hate, pity, gravity – these feelings send me a signal, like an electric pulse, that makes me press the button. It’s that snapshot, that moment of spontaneity you have to catch.

All photos by Chulsu Kim