"What Do You See?" by Carla DLM

Carla DLM has always been passionate about the art of creating. She is an Engineer, a Website Designer, and now a Photographer. Right now, she is passionate about surreal and abstract photography and she loves to add her unique style to every single shot. Thanks to her perseverance, she is succeeding in photography, but does not take it for granted. She is still learning and there is still much more to see about her.

When someone sees my images, I expect the images say a little more. I work details in carefully to pursue this goal. What do you see in my images? This is the question. I know everything is a matter of taste in photography and art. Some people will like other kinds of art, some will like this kind. If my images can call your attention the way I expect, then I will have achieved my goal.

All photos by Carla DLM