Project 13 | 23 by Alice de Kruijs

Alice de Kruijs is a freelance contemporary and fine art photographer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She works conceptually, telling a story is her passion. She usually does this by showing a different perspective on daily life’s struggles and issues.

I love capturing that special moment, a genuine expression. Photography is all about connecting with a place, a culture and the people. Capturing that moment is what it is all about. To keep my photography close to my personal life I try to stand out by showing my own style, opinion and emotions in my work.

This is a dedicated project whereby I pushed myself to go back to a militant period of my life.

Between my 13nd and 23rd birthdays I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions due to some harsh losses and difficult situations. This project is about this period and visualizes my view on this decade in an artistic way.

In nature I find my way back to my childhood self — to memories mixed with happiness and doubt. Upon these memories, I try to build the future. Nature turns into a gleam of hope, a happy outcome of troubled times.

This imagery is my journey, my intimate diary as I search for the answers to the vertigo of everyday life and the torments of my heart and soul. It’s about my life, my feelings, about us. Because, in the end, we are all just full of hope to put back together those broken pieces.

All photos by Alice de Kruijs