Seascapes by Giovanni Allievi

Giovanni Allievi is a passionate, self-taught landscape photographer from Italy. Although he loves shooting traditional landscapes, he's been specializing in wave photography over the last 15 years.

I live in Liguria, a northern region in Italy with great photographic opportunities. One of those is wave photography. When the right weather and light conditions meet (very few times per year) I rush to a particular spot, a hamlet named Varigotti, near where I live.

This place, due to its geomorphic features, can be a real joy both witnessing and photographing during sea storms. I've been shooting there for 15 years now and sometimes I manage to get home with unique wave photographs. I like the fact that these storms are an unpredictable event and they happen rarely, so they are not an abused photographic subject.

I do whatever it takes to be there and shoot, often standing still in the same spot for 8+ hours so that I don't miss a single wave (with a small break for a quick lunch). My back is so sore at the end of the day that I can barely walk home...Repeat that for a few days if the sea storm is huge.

Do I get soaked sometimes ? Yes!

Am I tired shooting sea storms ? No way!

All photos by Giovanni Allievi