Alienation by Tijana Moraca

Tijana Moraca is a portrait and fine art photographer from Serbia. She has finished the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, department of Dramatic Arts, and has a masters degree in animation and visual effects. During her studies, Tijana started discovering photography.

From an early age I loved to find new ways, using different tools, to put my ideas into reality. But at one point, photography became my number one tool. My work evolves constantly, but I believe a sense of beauty, dreaminess and nostalgia is always present.

I believe that the best ideas come in a brief moment, when your mind is open. It is a product of what you feel, what inspires you and what you want to transfer to another human being. I try to capture those moments and put them on paper. When I feel that the concept is ready, I try my best to recreate what I have imagined. Don't be afraid to experiment - to succeed or fail, and to challenge yourself in order to create something that suits your vision.

We are surrounded by beauty, love, inspiration, but also loss, discouragement and sadness, and these are the moments that I would like to show through my work. This selection of photographs deals with elements such as alienation, the differences and inner conflict that are creating an emotional gap in us, and the lack of understanding between individuals. Strong visual elements, like shapes and color accents, are used to achieve a specific mood, and help deliver a certain symbolic message.

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