Ania Lilith Gallery - Museum of Abandonment by Stefania Sammarro

This is already the third series by photographer Stefania Sammarro we are publishing on The Artbo. If you missed two of her previous works, please go here.

This is a project that highlights the crisis and the work is not there. The two women go to get stuck in a place without time, becoming almost decor of the place is not the same. Two women argue softly to each other, touch just by sunlight. And the photograph would communicate joy except that the location where the stars have been immortalized is an abandoned yard behind a dilapidated building. Women, or workers, trying to get into that building through doors, windows; collision with the wall, but he failed and finally embrace observing the place that was and is no more. The final embrace is abandoned to themselves, but also a look resignation, in unison toward infinity and beyond. With this insight into the history, I could bring back to life the places that no longer the case and that, through the viewfinder, can become art. Women are working, looking for work that no longer exists. There is no criticism or complaint to these places, for me, "wonderful", able to glimpse the beauty over the ruin of time...

All photos by Stefania Sammarro