Painting with Photography by Thomas Dodd

Thomas Dodd is a visual artist and photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia who has developed a style that he calls "painterly photo montage" - a method he employs in editing software in which he crafts elaborately textured pieces that have a very organic and decidedly non-digital look to them. His work often has mythic and quasi-religious themes that pay homage to Old Master art traditions while at the same time drawing from psychological archetypes that evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer.

In my earliest and most cherished memories there are women. They were the bearers of warmth, the givers of comfort, and the holders of security.

My mother; bathing me, wrapping me in her arms and singing to me in a soft murmur. My grandmother, telling me in her sweet brogue "Always pray to the Blessed Virgin", or in other words - always invoke the divine feminine principle. My sisters; who protected me, doted on me and made me feel like the world consisted solely of strong, loving Irish women.

My childhood was idyllic. I was surrounded by women and I was comfortable with women.
As I grew older, women became mysterious possessors of a gift. A gift that I had yet to receive and a mystery that I would spend the later part of my life pursuing, "capturing" and then conveying to others.

That is, the invocation of a kind of feminine divinity and nature's perfection through the female form...

All photos by Thomas Dodd