People in Nature by William Patino

William Patino lives in Wollongong, on the South Coast of NSW Australia with his wife Renee, young son Judah and chocolate Labrador Milo.

I first picked up a camera in 2012 and haven’t been the same since. Looking at life through a lens has really opened my eyes and mind to the vast, intricate beauty of the world we live in. Through photography I have developed a deep appreciation for nature and learned to understand and admire life’s simplicity. The act of freezing a moment in time has forever changed me, helping me through some personal challenges and changing my entire outlook on life.

Over time I’ve come to appreciate not just going out and capturing images but also the moments that surround them. We live in a fast-paced world, but my time with the camera is where I am able to slow down and appreciate things in their simplest form. I consider it a blessing to be able to share the beauty of our world with others and make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of visual art.

All photos by William Patino