American Road Trip by Brad Olson

Brad Olson specializes in fashion and commercial photography and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He is represented by the FORD / Robert Black Agency and his images are represented by Art + Commerce and The Licensing Project.

One of my favorite things to photograph is Americana: buildings, signage, machines, toys; nearly any artifact of classic American culture.   I am particularly drawn to the design aesthetics of the 1950-1960's. For me, the relics of this era represent a very hopeful and exciting time in our society.   This kind of photography also gives me a chance to shoot for myself and do something very different than my typical commercial assignment.   

I carry a small, mirrorless camera with me when I am traveling or doing street photography.  I own the Fujifilm X-100T and find it ideal for this type of work and all of these images were taken with this camera.   In addition to capturing scenes that I enjoy, Ifind that outings like this can be a great exercise in composition and an opportunity to improve your camera skills.

All photos by Brad Olson