#LoosingMyMind by Giuseppe Pepe

Creative since 2002, self-made, Giuseppe Pepe is currently Head Designer at Space Ibiza, in love with photography, and each expression Artistic, passionate about music, djing & nightlife, collector of mug shots and stamps, lover of technology and Pantone color and Elastic Band in Photoshop.

I love traveling and discovering new cultures and traditions, photographing and filming everything I see and then rework it in my own way.

This is a photographic project based on anti beauty, in an era where everything is fake, where everything is designed to appear, even a simple photo has lost its spirit due to the editing. I decided to create a project that did reflect, or where the secondary part of the picture becomes the main part. I started this project by chance, but I did not want to do it with my pictures so I thought that to expand globally in my project I had to do it with so many people so I thought the speed of communication that Instagram offers lovers of photography. I started asking various people who followed their photos, but I never expected that I'm having an incredible success.

These photos come from all over the world, I get many, I select the specific criteria by which I understand that in that particular shot I can see something, I can imagine how it would be the end result and I prepare for my daily publications on my profile.

All photos by Giuseppe Pepe