People's Bodies in The Spaces by Alfonso Pedrero

Alfonso Pedrero is a 26 years old Mexican Architect, based in Mexico City. He uses photography to express himself and to perform the idea of how the body can interact on a particular space.

What someone's thinking can be seen in the physical body, because you can express a lot about you without saying much, just wearing the clothes you like, modifying parts, and other things related into the design of the body.

Lately, I've been interested in how people's bodies can change because of the spaces they're interacting with in that moment, what I mean, is that a body can change its expression if it's in a church, in a school, or at a hospital, because we've created social norms that tells you how to behave in specific spaces. Because of this, I created a series of photos where I can explore the movement of the body and the possibilities of the space. 

Most of the time, I choose spaces that are no longer useful, because they have already given what they had to give, but are useful to me in an aesthetic way, not only because they look good in photographs, but because it creates a dialogue between how a body is living and non useful space. Now we have a lot of possibilities, and I express that by doing different kind of moves with the body and it’s extremities.

All photos by Alfonso Pedrero