Inside Out by Can Dagarslani

Graduating in 2006 from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Art, Istanbul, Can Dagarslani aged 31, became increasingly more interested in photography while studying architecture. It all began in 2003 when Dagarslani started working on landscape shoots of different places that would bring out each city’s architectural plan. When Dagarslani discovered analography, his digital camera was putted aside for an analog camera that triggered his passion for photography. 

For this series I was dreaming of two identical and inseparable young models dressed and positioned in the same way, who would seem almost static, raised and articulated like dolls. The two bodies merge into one, unique and extraordinary yet weirdly natural identity. They are looking more like kind of grotesque sculptures. And I like to emphasize the power of focusing on the relation of two models. Human relations, the fragility of our social boundaries, love, identities and all these other drugs are some of my preferable themes blending in a vortex of what can easily be described as the new normal.

All photos by Can Dagarslani