George The Boy by Fan Wu

Fan Wu is a photographer based in Hong Kong and New York. She is drawn to things that are subtle and sometime with a hint of melancholia. She found beauty being intriguing when it's not obvious; it's like a smell of a familiar fragrance on the street, but you don't know who it is. It's uncertain, sensitive, and intimate almost. 

“George The Boy” is the beginning of a portrait series I started working on recently. George and I met during my visit in Shanghai this past week and right away I thought about taking some pictures of him in a very intimate and calm kind of way. We spent 2 hours talking about Shanghai while shooting in an Airbnb apartment of a mutual friend. Everything is spontaneous and free like an open door into the intimate world of this boy and his emotions. The documentation of the time spent with my subjects and having them to open up to me has kept me wanting to do more.

All photos by Fan Wu