Being Narcissus by Sofia Zwokbenkel

Sofia Zwokbenkel is a fine art, portrait and fashion photographer. Born in St. Petersburgh, she emigrated to Germany when she was 11 years and was raised among the Russian, Jewish and German cultures. Photography was a fascination for her from the time she watched her parents developing film in the kitchen when she was a small girl. Yet before treading the path of professional photography, she studied German literature and worked in theater. Now working with dancers and theatre artists, her portraits oscillate between dream and reality. Improvising, she is searching for hidden and/or multiple sides of a character, focusing on the sensuality of a body's movement and exploring the poetry of the moment. As a passionate fashion-lover it's her purpose to combine clothing with a particular music, trying to figuring out the sensual dialog between costumes and bodies.

A story about loss and love: The story of a modern Narcissus - an androgynous and artificial character searching for his lost identity, which he is trying to find in the mirrors of the world. Who is he - a man or a woman, is he real or fake? Who is the beautiful creature in the mirrors he is longing for and which always disappears? This is a story of a lonesome search for the Intangible and a love doomed to fail.

All photos by Sofia Zwokbenkel