Friday by Kiril Stanoev

Kiril Stanoev is a self taught photographer born in 1983 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He started trying photography back in 2010. He was a painter before this. Kiril is working in both conceptual and so called vintage style. He has been published in Vogue Italia, Photo France, Playboy Bulgaria, MAXIM Bulgaria, Forbes Bulgaria, Esquire Bulgaria and many more magazines, newspapers, websites and etc.

"Friday" is one of my last conceptual works. It's a surreal mystery portraitures project placed somewhere between the 60s and the 80s. I made most of the pictures in 2015-2016. I have been inspired by some of the American realist painters of the XX Century. Most of the people I photographed for the project are my close friends, but some others I met for the first time on the days of shooting. There is no very specific or single idea behind the project. I want everyone who is looking at this work to have their own impression based on their own experience and knowledge.

All photos by Kiril Stanoev