Forgotten by Tammy Swarek

Tammy Swarek is a contemporary portrait and fine art photographer in El Dorado, Arkansas.  She fell in love with photography at an early age watching herfather, who is a talented enthusiast.  Seeing him check his white balance with a sheet of paper, waiting for that perfect shot and the excitement when the photos were developed all fascinated Tammy.  She was hooked and quickly became the family paparazzi.   

I think each photograph should tell a story.  I plan my shots thoroughly knowing what I want the final image to “say”.   Sometimes I spend months on them from planning to the final edit.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  

The series “Forgotten” was a project I worked on with my mother.  As her short term memory disappears due to Alzheimer’s Disease, she relies heavily on her childhood memories.  She often talks about the dolls they played with, handed down from one sibling to the next.  She is one of ten children and everything had to be shared.  We collected antique dolls and began to play.  The memories I made working on this project with my Mother I will forever cherish. 

All photos by Tammy Swarek