Surreal Conceptual Art by Marion Toy

My full name is Mári Dimitrouli and I was born in Athens/Greece in the early 80’s. I've studied Graphic Design and I'm working as an art director in advertising companies and art studios for the last 15 years. Collabs excluded - Marion Toy is a one woman show.  Concept, art direction, paper constructions(props), styling/food styling, posing, photo shooting, editing. 

Marion Toy was created on January 2013 out of my need to experiment with colors, shapes and ideas. I actually had no clue I was building up a creative identity. I was just having fun with this whole creative process. 

I can’t think of a better way to express my mood, my thoughts and my aesthetics. I m communicating through pictures and not words. I like to let my images interact with the viewers. Let them feel whatever comes to their head that very first second they see my work.  

As for my source of inspiration, I can’t really “point” at something.. and that is because I never realize exactly when I m inspired by something, plus, the after-effect might come way later and in a very altered way. To be honest I have gathered a lot of ideas, pictures and memories in my head from the past years. It s like a mosaic of things I ve seen or imagined and I m ready to alter in my very own creative way. 

I do use Adobe Photoshop while editing but only for slight correction purposes. 99% of my pictures include realistic handmade paper props. I started posting “making of” pics lately so that people know that the props are in fact real. I am constructing them with a lot of patience and plenty of joy. 

My goal is to create colorful surrealistic visuals with original concepts, easily understandable from the viewers. Plus to put a smile on their faces.

All photos by Marion Toy