Second Skins by Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Miguel Vallinas Prieto, an advertising and industrial photographer, spends much of his time on his personal work studying the landscape, the meaning of pure nature, cityscapes, contemporary architecture, portraits, etc. In his photographs he tries not to leave room for improvisation by performing a preliminary study of the place, the light, of all those factors. His work is a search for beauty understood through his eyes, his perception.

Second Skins is presented as a follow up to an earlier collection named Skins. It deals with the two connected photography series that both include portraits of people who try to search for the internal side of being human and have different aspects from which they are willing to unveil the intimate self of a human being.  

While the previous collection represents the same person doing different kinds of work, intending to reflect about individual choices at a particular point in life, Second Skins photographs people with animal faces that have the same purpose. It shows a series of possible personalities that may be within our reach, that may be imposed, or that may be adopted according to circumstances. The images that made up this series try to isolate the character: obviating its context and its references based solely on being an individual.

While the collection title specifies the order in the series, in reality it is more than an indication of a sequence. It is a play on words. 

Second Skins suggests options, possibilities and, ultimately, choices.

While the name used as the collection title specifies the order in the series, in reality it is more than an answer to a sequence. It is word game. Second Skins suggests options, possibilities and ultimately choices.