Supernatural by Synchrodogs

Synchrodogs create images with a beautiful disregard for the ordinary.

Supernatural project is a never ending self exploration of two artists in context of the unknown. It deals with intuition, subconscious, natural phenomena, some human essence, which is unable to be explained by science, aiming to depart from what is usual or mundane. The project strive to convey artists personal insightful sublime experience caused by the natural environment, erasing a line between the real and the imagined.

Referring to the physical and metaphorical bond between human beings and nature at its wildest, for artistic duo 'supernatural' is that which is not subject to the laws of physics or, more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature. To some extent it is something that is hardly influenced by any regulations nor it goes in line with generally acclaimed rules of logic.

As main source of inspiration for acquiring ideas Synchrodogs used their own meditation technique they developed over the years. With 'Supernatural' project artistic duo strived to create their own reality, used their own constructed images as a vehicle for erasing the line between the real and the illusive, between the natural and the artificial, between the evident and the unknown, uncovering edges of their own subconscious, using intuition as a way of acquiring knowledge without the use of a reason.

Shooting Supernatural project Synchrodogs went on a 4000 mile road trip to rediscover its own capacities and energy limits, the way a human can walk into darkness, go straight into unexplored, relying on intuition, go where subconscious leads, and feel safe in the World of the unknown.

All photos by Synchrodogs