Underwater by Andras Schram

Andras Schram is a Calgary based wedding photographer who travels the world teaching photography and capturing beautiful images.

It all started with a camera that I got from my father when I was still in elementary school. I skipped some classes just so that I could go and shoot the beautiful fall season in Hungary/Budapest where I was born. Then it all ended and I lost total interest in photography for years, but I guess it was always in me, and finally the right time has come to start documenting the journey. I consider myself more of a documentary photographer than anything else. Sensitive and spontaneous photography is my style. I like to follow and go with the action or flow rather than taking over and leading the setup. I use my camera as a poet uses his pen, through my eyes and the lens of the camera; I capture the moments and blend it into a story. I strive to have my photography reflect everything that life has to offer. Whether it is happiness, beauty, pain or sorrow; all the hardships and triumphs of life. I never looked at my photography as a business even though it is my mayor source of income. Being a photographer I try to add a touch or uniqueness to my images, sort of like a special unique brush stroke that distinguishes one painter from the other. Most of the time, I will study my subjects, talk to them and get to know them. To have a feel for their reactions and emotions towards me and the environment surrounding them. This technique has helped me to get closer to them without breaking fully into their own personal universe. I like to feel the energy emitted from them and I use this energy to translate it onto my photos. It is like a journey and I enjoy dragging my subjects into it along with me. Since I was very young I have had a very good understanding of human nature and this has helped me during this journey, where my friendly approach is welcomed even at the most private and personal moments. Many of my photographs come alive when I shoot them for myself. The little time that I spare on myself to relax from the commercial photography has always been rewarding. It is a long and never ending journey! For me the end is nowhere in sight. Life is just too short to document it all and document it the right way.

The Underwater series is an ongoing project, traveling the world finding beautiful locations with amazing people.

All photos by Andras Schram