Portrait of Painter Vera Bondare by Jelena Osmolovska

Jelena Osmolovska came to visit her friend, an artist from Latvia, for a cup of tea and spontaneously they decided to do a photo session.

Meeting Vera was intentional. I noticed this beautiful woman at a business meeting. I wondered who was this charming girl with such a beautiful smile. After the meeting, I learned she is a painter - Vera Bondare.

When I met Vera later, she was very open with me and was telling me so many interesting things about herself and her work. I loved the way she was sharpening my attention on this or that painting during our walk at the art museum. I was completely blown away by this talented and smart girl.

I asked Vera to meet with me again. And that's how we started making photography together. I wouldn't call it a project as it was more like friends meeting to simply spend time together. I would watch Vera, the way she works, the way she performs in front of the people, the way she relaxes. Vera's personality is so diverse. After each meeting with her I had the same thought in my head: "Vera was so new today, so different from the last time I saw her."

All photos by Jelena Osmolovska