Sleeping Beasts by Dara Scully

Dara Scully explores the world with her poetic voice. She can't understand the world without beauty, so, her work is like a search, like a silent escape from the reality.

There’s a bird in my left lung, small and fragile,
and he always speaks to me about beautiful
things. I try to translate all these things to my
pictures, his voice, mine.
— Dara Scully. 1989. Spain, Photographer, writer, tree.

Sleeping Beasts is a poem or a tale, the story of the beasts inside the children.

The project explores the line between children and adults, that special and disturbing line, in which innocence and desire, cruelty and tenderness, are so close. Children live into the woods like little animals, wild and free, and everything are a game for them. Love and death, desire and resurrection. It’s their world, their rules, and we only can see through a small hole in a tree.

All photos by Dara Scully