Masks of the 20th Century (Calendar) by Dasha Matrosova

Dasha Matrosova is a young photographer from Belarus who likes to work in different styles, but most of all she shoots fashion and fine art. Dasha works with glossy magazines and is always participating in various projects. Every day she gets new ideas for photo shoots, she is never tired of inventing and creating!

First of all, I wish I could cover all the artists of this period. But my aim was to create a calendar with make-up artist Ann Malakhovskaya, that's why we decided to choose only 12 outstanding artists and their 12 stories. The calendar is like a fine art book, so both the art amateurs and those who know a little about art can find the calendar really interesting and inspiring.

I hope by looking at my photos people will get to know the world's greatest artists and others can look at famous art pieces in a new way. The second aim of the calendar was to combine photography and painting. I am very keen on the art of photography. Thus, in my works I try to emphasize artistry, versatility and endless creativity. Photography becomes art for those who feel themselves a painter 'in spirit'. So, this is my first quote. What precisely are masks?!

Also I have to mention makeup. Anna Malahovskaya is a professional make-up artist, my colleague and creative companion. She made these photos with me, recreating the pictures on the faces of the models.

All photos by Dasha Matrosova