Mothergoddess “River of Aspiration” by Neeraj Sharma

Neeraj Sharma is a freelance photographer from Chandigarh, capital city of Punjab state in India. Neeraj is a photographer of people and more specifically a storyteller. The stories are about human relations in the context of uniquely human situations. Neeraj loves to follow long term ideas.

Mothergoddess"River of Aspiration" is my dream project which I have been putting together for the last 9 years. I have been exploring River Ganga right from it's origin in deepest Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal. It is a journey of the sacred river which is more than 1550 miles from it's origin to confluence. I have received a couple of most prestigious international awards for this photo story.

The story is about the relationship between human beings and River Ganga worshiped as Mothergoddess by millions of people around the globe. A spiritual relationship borne of the strong human desire to achieve eternal peace, prosperity, spiritual uplift, salvation, healing and so on and so forth.

River Ganga has always been considered as a river of life, hope and fulfillment,where the medium of achievement is faith. In other words , it waters contain a sacred play of interactive energies full of mostly temporal human desires on one hand and Mothergoddess as a supreme, eternal energy in herself on the other hand.

The river is a bridge for the human soul, linking the heavenly world and the earth. With the passage of time life advanced along the river and temples came into existence.

Mothergoddess and the sacred temple dissolved the wall between heaven and the earth.  The silence, sound and mystery of the river created a divine impact on the practice of yoga and meditation resulting in the exploration of the layers of human intellect.

The journey of human life and the river is, and has been, ceaselessly on the move from ancient times, from the origin of both the human and eternal energies to the present.

To turn the pages of Mothergoddess "River of Aspiration" with better understanding, it is essential to feel the dynamics of interaction between both the energies., It is also important to read in between the lines of human situations and the many layers of Ganga and the civilization which has arisen around it.

It is a sincere effort to depict the idea of inner Ganga which flows inside each one of us and outer Ganga flowing outside physically on the great planet called Earth which is shared by both energies in a similar fashion.

It is not just about freezing a moment in time and space, but about the dialogue with the observer and the creation of a communication from all too often silent voices.

All photos by Neeraj Sharma