Between Nature and Culture by Christophe Verot

Christophe Verot is a photographer from France. His first encounter with artistic photography has been via art history which he studied in Fine Art school in Saint-Etienne (France) between 1988 and 1991. Despite his personal work being focused toward sculpture and design at that time, Christophe used photography to keep a record of his works. It had been the same for the following fifteen years where his contemporary jeweler and art dealer activity brought him to display his creations and as well as creators' works.

For still life photography I built geometric and minimalist forms and blend them with natural elements like vegetables, fruits or flowers. A dialogue between angles' coldness and nature's softness, between grey and color, nature and culture.

My compositions are built in a "Less is more" style and need a long time and numerous shoots to satisfy me. I search for the best lightning and set up of objects. I try to combine photography, painting and sculpture.

All photos by Christophe Verot