Portrait of The Past by Gary Chew

Gary Chew is a Malaysian fashion and portrait photographer based in Singapore. He started off as a graphic designer, but his strong passion spurred him on to pursue a career as a professional photographer. Instant film has since become his chosen medium, and through each frame he hopes to take a step closer to becoming a fully-fledged polagrapher – focusing on instant film for his work in both portrait and fashion photography.

I drew inspiration from internationally renowned painter Rembrandt van Rijn (also fondly known just by his first name). For the wardrobe styling to props setting, I paid attention to details and tried to match as close to the classic painting as possible. This was a big challenge, especially in a South East Asia country, it’s very hard to get Victorian or vintage dresses. I’m lucky that one of my colleagues loves vintage dresses, so she loaned me her collection for the shoot. I'm glad that the shoot went well and i got most of the shot that i planned. Thanks to the team and model for professional, without their assist, the shoot wouldn't be success.

All photos by Gary Chew

Model: Gabrielle M
Assistant: Andrew