Undisclosed by Maha Alasaker

Maha Alasaker is a Kuwaiti photographer based in New York City. She is a 2014 ICP graduate from the Full Time Program in general Studies. She has been represented by JHB Gallery since July 2014. Maha's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in New York City, United Arab of Emarit and Kuwait. Most recently as part of the“ Art on Paper” March 2015, “ Miami Project”, December 2014 and “ArtMarket - Hampton ” July 2014. Her work engages with identity and cultural issues. 

As a woman born and raised in the Middle East, I had to learn untold dynamics and adapt to them by hiding aspects of my true self to fit in. This work addresses feelings of restriction, constraint and the universal theme of oppression brought on by cultural and societal codes. 

I am trying to understand myself through my images. I am in search to figure out myself and the world around me. I took images for things that interest me, and I do stage the others. I then set and figure out what is I am trying to say.

I started in Kuwait, my country of origin, as freelance photographer. I had a studio for portrait and commercial work. I worked for five years and established a good business there. But I wasn’t satisfied with the level of my photography, I felt that I can improve my skills and do better job.

 So I decided to close my business in Kuwait and move to New York City to study at International Center of photography. And currently I work there as freelance photographer in New York City.

My dream project is to be able featuring Kuwaiti women to the world. Kuwaiti women are all highly educated, into politics, have a career and great mothers. They are modern with traditional value.

All photos by Maha Alasaker