Urban FairyTales by Cristina Burns

Cristina Burns is a photographer and mixed media artist. She uses photography as a way to capture her surrealistic compositions, meticulously arranged in a myriad of symmetrical geometries. Her work is characterized by juxtaposition, where opposing elements such as candies, toys, and flowers are fused to anatomical parts and insects, often blurring the extremely thin lines between fantasy and reality, purity and sin, life and death. By creating a childlike and macabre image at the same time, she is revealing to the viewer a sense of sweet decadence.

The series Urban Fairytales comes from the fusion of opposing elements such as urbanization and wild nature. In the metropolitan scenario, characterized by cement, street art and degradation, there is strongly evident the imprint of mass humanity, nature revolting and wild animals suddenly appearing as ghosts to reclaim contaminated urban spaces, giving life to a surreal fairytale.

All photos by Cristina Burns