Turkish Paintings by Sera Uzel

Sera Uzel, borned in Sivas in 1958. Painter father, brought together him with art. He made his first painting “Train Station” at the age of 4. During education years, he was more closer to painting. In 1984 he won a success at Vakko Painting exhibition. He made his first wall painting in 1987 in Ankara. In 1999 at Ankara the British Council Art Gallery, he realized three different painting works in front of viewers and press. He opened many solo exhibitionsand attended to artistic works from Istanbul to Kars.

The perspective of Sera Uzel reveals the story of a metaphysical existence –which is inexpressible within the borders of language– that we stay distant as curtained by the daily existence, and the pictures which evoke compulsive, existence- and origin-related implications, resemble the embellishment with sacramental references and consist of the faces reminding of the iconographic figures from place to place. The faces of the figures with closed eyes, standing mostly alone or in pairs, as if they fall asleep reflect the enlightened and serene expression of a peaceful dream or illusion.

Sleeping iconographic figures – as if they wish to drift apart from this world – daydream about their very own essence by closing their eyes to the impositions of the circumstances and the world that they are estranged. The strangeness formed by being homeless and deracinated is tried to be alleviated even if just a bit by daydreaming. In this context, it seems possible to say that Uzel’s paintings are mainly focused on a sort of departure, abandonment, desertion and detachment, and a tension hovering between sacred and earthly is felt in line with this detachment. This is all about the adventure of the serene faced figures which are longing for reaching the light and searching for a perfection represented by the light or circles of an existence that stuck in a gloomy world which is getting dull, obscure, and dark but having fake neon lights under its own circumstances.

This is also about their struggle for hearing the inaudible absorbed by the daily humming of the world through a candle or an ancient instrument that is no longer remembered. Uzel invites us to a kind of authentic reminiscence and witnessing such reminiscence by transforming this sad humanity story involving the desire of real longing of the stranger exiled in this world spanning over the past, today and future to a sacred prayer with the colored language of the images allowing free associations and by portraying this prayer in the form of iconographic figures which may be interpreted as sacred traces of a forgotten, distant and lost origin facing extinction.

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