Knot by Jalal Sepehr

Jalal Sepehr was born in Tehran in 1968, where he still lives and works. A self-taught photographer, he started taking pictures in 1994 while living in Japan (1991-96). He is active in fine art photography and teaching at university of Media applied science. He is an active member of Association Virtual Arts of Iran and Advertising & Industrial Photography Association of Iran.

The Knot series is comprised of 12 images all including a Persian rug (1m x 70cm) taken in the historic city of Yazd. Contrary to initial intentions, some of the images in Knotmake use of the historic and traditional scenes and examples of architecture found in Yazd. In this series, Sepehr strove to depict a place in between traditional and everyday life in his pictures. To do so, he made use of the rug and architecture as representative of tradition in opposition to the individuals pictured, dealing with the issues of everyday life.

All photos by Jalal Sepehr