Tattoo Stories by Boy Surminski

Boy Surminski is a Dutch photographer based in The Netherlands. He was raised in the small village called Nieuw-Bergen. Beuningen is now his current residence. In September 2015 he was selected as one of the 100 best emerging Dutch photographers by GUP Magazine. His work has been featured in the book NEW 2016, which is available in bookstores in the Netherlands and museums worldwide. He is still a student at the University of Applied Photography. Boy is specialized in portrait.

For a school assignment I was supposed to make a series of eight images on the theme: "Freedom."  I had to show my vision of freedom. I did this by photographing people with tattoos. Because these people are often placed in boxes because of the tattoos. But tattoos mean just something very beautiful. So every tattoo tells a different but mainly their own personal story.

All photos by Boy Surminski