Chic Chicks by Dan Bannino

Dan Bannino is an Italian-born photographer and he has a penchant for turning his ideas into images. Someone described his work as “Pop-Renaissance”, mixing popular culture and Old Masters’ style. He has gained international recognition with his photos and has been published internationally in a variety of magazines.

My boundless passion for nature and animals brought me to work on this story with the aim of turning the audience's attention to a rather unusual theme. Everything started a few months ago, when I stumbled upon a picture of one of these chickens and realized that I wanted to portray them like glamorous models that you can find on the pages of high-fashion magazines. The reason why I wanted to photograph these incredible creatures is because I wanted to underline the fact that some of us don't even know how gorgeous a "common" chicken is. In the modern society food is highly industrialized and often comes to our tables in a completely different shape from its original form. Apart from the vegetarian or non-vegeterianpoints of view, I think that animals should be fully appreciated and respected. Employing Old Masters' chiaro-scuro technique and adding colorful lights, I've created these model-like portraits of chickens with the aim of underlining their natural beauty and to show the contrast between their exploitation and their unusual elegance.

All photos by Dan Bannino