Companionship by Yin Chen

Yin Chen is a San Francisco-based Fine Art Photographer who specializes in photography of portraiture. Always an artist in some capacity, Yin Chen started out as a story interpreter in theater art file. After moving to San Francisco, she continues her work on visual arts and studies for her master's degree in Fine Art photography. Her dream is to create stories and capture the moments in photography. Yin Chen considers herself a storyteller through images, interpreting the concept of beauty through capturing the world onto films.

Growing up in the city, I kept pictures of specific corners in my memory. This is perhaps because of the way I grew up.Moving, saying goodbye and readjusting are things that constantly happen. That’s why I love to look for familiar things in the new environment to connect to the past.  This series of pictures is a dialogue between me and myself. They reveal my emotions as I enter new cities. They sometimes convey what I see of me in these new cities. I was perhaps lonely or perhaps waiting- waiting for a place I am able to call mine. At the same time, this creative work process has given me a chance to self-reflect. When I see the stories and emotions of these people in the city, I remember those warm corners in my memory. They are the corners that made me smile in a strange new city. They are the corners that are filled with these calm yet powerful “bits”. These bits maybe a row of white daisies in front of a blue window or the roots of an old tree popping out of the cement. These bits has become unique companionship for me in the city. Therefore, in my work, I also want to present the companionship I want to make for the city. The city is not just a place where we live in, but what we live alongside with.

All photos by YinChen