Fashion and Beauty Stories by Alice Berg

Alice Berg has been photographing fashion and art for 4 years now. She was born in Ukraine, and started doing photography after receiving two degrees: in environmental studies and environmental economics.

I always had the need for artistic self-expression, but did not have opportunity up until I was 26 years old.  My family and I had to travel from place to place, and that’s where I learned that my rescue would be to do something I was passionate about. 

I primarily worked in Paris, and focused on editorial fashion and beauty stories. It inspired me, like many other talented photographers, writers, and painters. I experimented a lot with stylisme first, but at some point I started seeing the coherence in my stories and something that combined them all along. I wanted to represent a fashion that was timeless and inspiring. And it was almost inevitable to bring an art element to my work. I’ve been inspired a lot with cultures and ethnicsth at preserved their uniqueness over time and emphasized the power of nature. It became a central force driving me to continue. I became so inspired by nature landscapes, animal and floral life that I felt necessary to travel to woods and mountains as much as possible to get the energy and inspiration from within. 

About two and a half years ago I started working on stories representing flowers in some way or another. It started out with a story where a makeup artist employed flower tattoos on models skin, and the play of flowers with their skin was so exquisite that the name for the story came very naturally – it was called flower symphony. Then I started working through art and cultural influences to investigate the beauty of flowers further on. I was inspired by Japanese philosophy that took its root from nature, I admired the blossom of Hollandaise flower art in painting in 17-th century, and the touching impressionistic images by Van Gogh and Monet. And of course, I couldn’t help but admire the sensual images by Irvin Penn. 

Finally, about a year ago my colleague florist and I decided to use real flowers as a clothing pieces standing on their own. It was a revelation to me. Flowers represented a youth, sensuality, and beauty to me. But important part was not to implement them as a décor or accessories, it had to be in integral part of a whole,  lots of time placed in the center of composition. And up till today, I continue investigating colors and textures to open up new dimensions of beauty and sensuality.

All photos by Alice Berg