Billable Hours in 6-minutes Increments by Robin Dahlberg

Robin Dahlberg started his professional life as a lawyer before deciding to follow his truepassion, photography. Robin spent the first five years of his legal career at a large lawfirm very similar to the one depicted in Billable Hours.

The project, Billable Hours in 6-minutes Increments, uses humor to examine the office culture of large American corporations. Although the book focuses on law firms, it could easily be about large financial institutions, hedge funds, or industrial and manufacturing companies. 

Many large companies portray themselves to the outside world as big “happy families” filled with highly exceptional employees bound together by superior intelligence, superb client relations and a genuine love for the work that they do.  Yet, based on my own experience as a lawyer in a large law firm, I know that the family is not always so happy. The workload can be crushing, the hours long, the office politics impossible to navigate and the competition for recognition unbearable. 

Moreover, those highly exceptional employees are not particularly exceptional.  They may have days when they speak in perfectly punctuated paragraphs, but they also have days when nothing intelligible comes out of their mouths. They may have days on which they seem elegantly dressed and coiffed, but they also have days when their ties are covered with food stains or their socks do not match. In short, just like the rest of us, they have days when everything goes right and days when nothing does. 

In Billable Hours, I try to expose the corporate “family” as I experienced it – a family as dysfunctional as any other.

All photos by Robin Dahlberg