Fat Flag by Icher Jonathan

Based in Paris, French photographer Jonathan Icher began studying applied arts at the age of fifteen before enrolling in the famous Duperré School where he studied fashion for five years.

I worked with Anastasia Parquet, a great make up artist, for my Fat Flag series. She painted all the flags, this is body painting, no Photoshop effect.  It took three hours to make France, Japan and Italy, and six hours for the UK and USA. The hairdresser was Guillaume Simonin. At first, I wanted to make a fashion shoot with food. It was a challenge, I wanted to shoot the models with food in their mouths, but I wanted them to be glamourous, sexy and a little strange. I didn't want it to be disgusting.

I love pop culture, especially the pop culture of the 80s. I wanted to create simple, but impactful images. I love primary colors and geometric things, Jean Paul Goude greatly influenced the French imagery ! I decided to choose five countries, and their typical food.  I wanted the food to be graphic and colourfull too. That's why for example, i choose eggs for uk, and not beans or fish&chips, it's all about harmony...

There is humour on this series. It's a kind of, "extreme patriotism" pictures. Flags are not specially beautiful, but they are often used in fashion.

I wanted to parody fashion that turns the symbol of a nation to do something purely aesthetic.
I thought it will be ironic to use this symbol on a body, like a tattoo.  I wanted flags and typical foods to become fashion accessories, like clothes or jewels.

All photos by Jonathan Icher